Pictor Imaginarius contest aims to put these experiences together and promote the debate between the many artists coming from different “schools” that it has the pleasure and the honour to host.

The twelweth edition of ‘Pictor Imaginarius’contest was held last year; as usual at the end of May, mosaic artists from all over the world, including experienced professionals and young emerging mosaicists, came to brighten up the streets of the picturesque, medieval town of Nazzano.

Participants are divided into two categories, professionals and emerging artists; eighty selected artworks coming from over twelve Countries of different continents have been exhibited, showing how in different cultural and geographical contexts, mosaic still opens to new exciting interpretations to express feelings and convey emotions.

Like every year, the exhibition took place at Museo del Fiume. During the week preceding the show, the participant artists worked together on a large mosaic for the public space, as part of a long term project to turn Nazzano into the the town of contemporary mosaic.

The idea to widen the experience abroad was discussed with the artists last year. The aim of this project is to take a selected group of artists from Pictor Imaginarius previous editions around the world and exhibit mosaics inspired by music. It will be a show “in progress”, with new artwork joining along the way. In addition, at each stage of this journey the participants will meet local artists and, working to the rhythm of music, will create large mosaics in few days that will embellish the streets of the hosting towns.